Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.51.12 PM Tingira Australia Association President, Lance Ker, today announced the inaugural 2017 winner of the Stonehaven Medal is awarded to former Junior Recruit, Ken Dobbie, from Tasmania.

Ken is well known amongst the navy ranks of the 10,000 graduates of the RAN’s Junior Recruit Training Scheme that operated from 1961-84 on the banks of the Swan River, HMAS Leeuwin, Fremantle, WA.

Working tirelessly, Ken has constantly contributed towards the Tingira cause. Gaining support from his peers to initially set up, build and co-ordinate the commissioning of the JR Memorial monument in 2010 on site at the present Leeuwin Army Barracks on this former navy site.

In 2015 rumblings were a foot as to what Ken always had in sight. That this prestigious government estate would be sold to the private sector.

Ken and his JR Memorial Committee lobbied the corridors of federal power in Canberra and were able to get a permanent covenant placed onto the JR Memorial site around the front gate area where she proudly sits today.

July 1926 – Australian Governor General, Lord Stonehaven, visits the Royal Australian Navy Training Ship HMAS Tingira at Rose Bay, Sydney, presenting to the best divisional intake the ‘Stonehaven Shield’ as a new annual initiative.

The traditions of the navy are deep and the Tingira Australia Association feel it is our responsibility to keep the sea lanes of history open by brining as much tradition form the Sobraon and Tingira days with us for our present generation of Tingira Boys from HMAS Cerberus and Leeuwin.

The new Stonehaven medal is designed resembling the style of the Stonehaven family crest with black and yellow stripes bearing the HMAS Leeuwin colours where the Tingira Boys received their initial Royal Australian Navy Junior Recruit training.

“I treasure this Stonehaven Medal as one on my most treasured trophies, this I did not expect “ was Ken’s reply after receiving the trophy after the private announcement to him.

Ken was made a Gold Life Member of the Tingira Association in 2015 and now has the honour of the first receipt of the covenant ‘Stonehaven’ award from the Tingira Australia Association.