AGM Election

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Lance Ker was elected un-opposed back into the Presidents role of the Tingira Australia Association at the recent AGM held in Canberra on the Queens Birthday weekend.

For the past three years Lance has been at the helm of the association with the biggest achievement by the committee to run the very successful 2015 JR Reunion in Sydney.

“I’m pretty stoked to be elected President again, I’m up for this term of three years and then I will see where we go. Now that I’m residing in Queensland, I will continue to work with committee members to take our association to greater heights with some great opportunities again in front of us” said Lance.

Moving from committeeman to Vice President is Stephen Beal from South Australia. Stephen is again
looking forward to working with Treasurer Peter Stephenson to set the agenda with a new five year strategic plan for the association in the coming weeks.

Mark Lee will continue as Secretary with Chris Parr on committee joined by two new members who have stepped in to offer their service, Darryn Rose and David Rafferty, both from Sydney.
The AGM also delivered four new motions that were approved by members for the committee to set sight upon;

1. To find the original Tingira ‘Stonehaven Challenge Shield’

2. Lobby the navy to rename one of the many new ships over the next decade “Tingira”

3. July 13 is our new ‘National Tingira Day’ with this being the first day of JRTS at HMAS Leeuwin 1960.

4. JR Reunion at HMAS Leeuwin; either the last day in present establishment form or first day as the new development configuration.

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