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Funding for the proposed renovations of the Tingira Memorial project have been officially deferred from the Federal Government Department of Veterans Affairs for 2018. “Due to the high demand of funding by many national veteran organisations for their 2018 commemorations for the 100 year Centenary of Anzac, the Tingira Memorial funding will be re addressed in the near future as a major restoration project” said a DVA department spokesperson.

Tingira Australia Association President, Lance Ker, said he was saddened by the news that the project is now on hold until complete funding is available in the foreseeable future.

“I would like to have had seen this project completed on my watch, to work into the centenary commemorations was the big aim of the Tingira committee.

“However, we as an association have made a start and let the community of Rose Bay and the DVA know that our current Tingira Memorial needs a modern day uplift and should represent the full storyboard of the ships Sobraon, Tingira and Leeuwin, portraying the generations of young naval seafarers this nation has produced and supported over the past 150 years” said Lance Ker.

The Tingira committee will push forward to work with DVA and local government authorities to bring the project back to the table when the next round of funding commences and look forward to having this as ‘work in progress’ at this initial stage. The Tingira Australia Association will commemorate its annual celebration birthday on Friday 13 July at Tingira Memorial, Rose Bay, with a Sunset Service, followed by the annual Presidents dinner at Club Rose Bay. Tingira Australia Association and members of the HMAS Leeuwin and HMAS Cerberus Junior Recruit Training Scheme (1960-84) are welcome to attend with family and friends.