Annual Mess Dinner

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The annual Tingira Dinner will this year go over the Harbour Bridge once again to a new venue on Sydney’s north side at the former North Head Army Barracks, Manly. The evening will be one of style and glitz as … Continued

Jr Russell… Returning to Homeport

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“Tingira members who may not be aware: one of our Tingira Australia Association members Mr. Colin Russell, was recently taken prisoner by the Russian government as a member of a Greenpeace protest group. It was recently announced that he has … Continued

Christmas Message

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Enjoying a perfect summertime Christmas with our family and friends here in Australia, spare a thought for our members of the ADF who will not be at home but still on the frontline and in support roles at many international … Continued

New Tingira Website Launched

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Tingira Australia Association Greg Read SC, with his fellow committee members this month launched their new website. After many months of deliberation it was decided that the ‘PayPal’ system was the most secure and modern format to bring a … Continued

Chaplin’s Corner

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November is upon us and Remembrance Day is only around the corner. As always, there will be much written and said about how this day now represents the thanksgiving for all you have served this great country as members of … Continued

Golden Moment

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Former Junior Recruit, former Officer Candidate, former Navy Apprentice and former RAN Chief Petty Officer Chris Perrin, was rewarded at the recent Tingira Tribute evening when he was surprisingly presented with the highest Tingira Australia Award, Honorary Life Membership. NSW … Continued

Pastor Bob ‘Stole’ the Show

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Although he was a ‘mobbi’, Pastor Bob Durbin has had a close affinity with the Tingira boys. For many decades several of his class mates and later shipmates were Junior Recruits from HMAS Leeuwin and he was very much in … Continued

Tribute by Tingira Boys

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As the Tall ships and warships gathered of the NSW coast to embark on their next port of call, Sydney, the call went of for the Tingira Boys to gather and perform a ‘Welcome Tribute’ dedicated to all past and … Continued

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