Voice Pipe Issue 9

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First sorry, it has been a ‘long drink’ between issues, 2014 has been super busy with a few things and will attempt to roll that all into this issue and the Annual Report, due late April. Welcome 2015 it’s sure to be a big one for former JR’s and Tingira members!

2014 – AGM, election of new Committee, Tingira Dinner, ANZAC Day, Navy Commemorations, Tingira Recruit School and let’s throw in the big ‘JR Reunion’ for November 2015, a little on our plate but “we’re up for it” was the consensus of the committee at their first meeting last June.

The new committee is now in full swing and excited at the challenge this all brings to us. Activity with new and rekindled friendships is what we are about as we move forward with our association, a national approach is our new objective.

Newly elected President Lance Ker is at the helm. It was a great commitment for Lance to step up at the time with Greg Read retiring due to health reasons. Greg is still on the hustings, first on line to buy his tickets for the 2015 JR Reunion and supplies a daily Facebook feed on all things military to the many followers on his list!

All things navy have been busy too. I was privileged to be front row of the media scrum last month to witness the commissioning ceremony of HMAS Canberra. What a ship and a great event organised by ‘Team Navy’ with assistance from former JR – now LCDR Don Hogarth. Caught up with our Tingira Patron, Russ Crane at the HMAS Canberra event, who was in Spain as our Chief of Navy when the Nuship Canberra first commenced, a proud happy man was Russ and the senior navy team at the commissioning.

If you have a story or picture to show and tell, please send it my way. Plan to have another big issue out in mid 2015 leading up to the JR Reunion in November. And thanks to the many that have come forward with offers of assistance for the reunion.

The biggest ‘effort of help’ we need right now is for all those intending to come to BUY their tickets. There is no reservation list, it’s like a football grand final, many will miss out, as the history of Reunion 2010 in Perth is sure to repeat itself.

Some have said its “too expensive”, it’s on par with costs in Perth added inflation after five years, it’s good value crew!