Voice Pipe 17

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The new year is here, another chapter of our history is in front of us, and what a year we have on the navigation table! Onwards and upwards what else would we do as an association?

Top of my list – I want to thank our former Treasurer, Peter Stephenson, who as a parting gesture with Vice President, Stephen Beal, have presented our newest document, the four-year ‘Strategic Plan’ for the Association. Peter and Stephen worked on this project for over 12 months and have donated many hours of research as to where our association has come from and potentially where it can go. As a committee, we are excited by the challenges ahead the boys have recognised and it certainly gives us a direction to navigate the good ship Tingira towards. The strategic plan is on the website in the ‘About Us’ section of the Constitution and the Annual Report for members to download.

The Annual Report – Again our Secretary, Mark Lee, and new Treasurer, Chris Parr, have crunched the $ numbers
keeping us afloat. Tingira Patron, Russ Crane, again delivers some great words of wisdom for us all to digest in true JR format, worth the read! The Annual Report will be tabled at the AGM in Sydney on ANZAC Day and then available from the website soon after.

The year has some big challenges ahead. We thought ANZAC Day was big but we now have that down pat with the LJR’s really taking up the slack in each state as their membership numbers grow.

The event will only get bigger for them in each state. The new 2018 Tingira ANZAC Day booklet is on the website now and LJR’s will be making contact over the next 30 days with most members, if your email is up to date on our data base.

This year I am going to Perth for the ANZAC week, to work with WA LJR, Paul Kalajzich, and our new Tingira committee member, Jeff Wake. Main aim is we will be looking at the logistics and potential of our next big ‘JR Reunion’ penciled in 2020, keep you posted on this one! Looking forward to seeing record numbers again join the Tingira Boys to march on ANZAC day, get your booklet, tie and beret ready to go.

The biggest project we have ever taken on is about to happen right now, Tingira Memorial 2018 Renovation. We are presently waiting on the outcome of our request for a $250,000 grant to Federal DVA to renovate the Tingira Memorial, Rose Bay. The grant result is due early April and the Secretary and committee will have their bases loaded.

The committee will work some absolute magic if we can pull this off and have it ready to commission on Saturday 10 November this year! Standby for action stations is all I can say at this stage, it’s going to be a busy fun pack fast paced year.

“Ship up or ship out” – This motto seems to ring the odd Tingira bell with me here, as does “Onwards and Upwards”!