VoicePipe September 2019

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At a recent committee meeting the Tingira team were reviewing our five year ‘strategic plan’. Part of the process was for the Secretary to present current status of our assets, apart from the obvious merchandise and the laptop computer we thought this should be easy part of the exercise, but then the Secretary delivered a few curly ones for our future consideration.

Physical assets – The Tingira Bell, The Tingira oars, The five Ceremonial Lifebuoys, Tingira banners (7) Tingira flags (7), the ‘Original’ Tingira flag, The Stonehaven Shield, The Stonehaven trophies (6), the original Tingira manuscripts (3), the Tingira history books (2), the Tingira photographic collection, the Leeuwin crest, the Leeuwin flag mast, suddenly the lists starts to grow and the Secretary suggests we have a $ price attached to each asset. The conversation started getting deeper into what would be replacement value, do we have insurance, who is the current and future safe keeper of assets, and where does this all go when we move on in decades to come? That’s what a real strategic plan exercise is about, making decisions and directions for present and future generations of your present organisation.

As President, I put our biggest asset on the table. The reason we are today, the asset that established upon back in January 2011, MATESHIP. This is truly our biggest asset that we have today and protect and take into the future of the Tingira ranks.

As young Junior Recruits, we quickly ‘made a mate’ with the guy in the bunk next to you or a lad from same state or district as yourself, some of us still have contact with that mate today. After JR school it was Training School. Same thing, you found a mate, another JR was always a close ally. Then your first ship, you were looking for anyone to be your mate, either same rating or someone from JR days, same town or a sporting affiliation. ‘Mates are Mates’ and the big circle continued throughout and after your navy career.

Today many decades on we hang onto those stories with ’Navy Mates’. For the savvy on social media, and there are 1,000’s of us now on this new ship, ‘HMAS Social Media’, the mates are there again. Reaching out to each other, some more often than others, some just looking for that life lost communication, others updating us with all the past and present adventures in their lives.

Tingira we set up to foster mateship “bring the boys back together was the call”. We are not a representative or political group, that may change in the future, but at present we are about mates, good old fashioned navy mates. ANZAC Day is our first annual that we come together, July Tingira birthday is the second annual occasion. For some of the more organised intake and LJR’s statewide, Christmas makes the odd Tingira party as well. The navy ‘Reunion’ circuit can be a heavy draw when navy intakes, courses, ships, branches, sporting groups, reunite, there are now many ample opportunities to join in with your ‘navy mates’ once again.

Since joining Tingira nine years ago, I have entered and fostered many new mates into my lifestyle circle. Many of our committee and members over this period have become good friends. They have welcomed our partners into their lives, this is the ‘mateship mix’ good for us all and Tingira at its best work.

I see MATESHIP our biggest asset, cost of replacement, priceless Mr Secretary. Here at my Tingira desk we can only continue to strive towards the enhancement of our navy mateship, “long live Tingira” the motto of the former Tingira Old Boys Association.

ANZAC Day our national event, marching under our flag and banner, our Tingira birthday celebration and the odd reunion every decade to keep us all on deck looking ship shape. Reuniting with our mates, new and old, at 2020 JR Reunion Perth, can’t wait!