Voice Pipe May 2020

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VP May 2020

COVID – 19 how else could I start this column in present times, sea condition No 10. Such an effect on the world as we knew it from a few months back. Certainly put a rip in the Tingira main sail for our 2020 JR Reunion, let’s treat it like a lucky scrap on a sandbar, ‘reset the sails’ and move on, dam it!

Many cancellations were caused in our events programme over the Anzac period and the proposed July Perth reunion. “Lets do it again” I hear members scream from the long boats. Lads you have no idea how much work went into this by just a few members, to get it just 12 weeks from happening, absolute heartbreaking.

Over two years the reunion sub- committee have pulled this together. Their efforts are above and beyond, the hard work unfortunately has only just begun. Retrieving over $100k in deposits is not like walking up to he TAB with winning ticket, those of you trying to get cash back from QANTAS will know exactly what I mean. It’s going to be a drawn out workload for the sub- committee to complete the refund process and tidy up the back end, stay calm, check website weekly please.

And just for the record lads, the “2020 JR Reunion is Cancelled not Postponed” country to how some people read announcements. On the page 9 &10 of this Voicepipe issue outlines exactly the position we are in at present, not good, some think we are going to move it 12 months, not possible.

On the opposite we have printed the sponsors and supporters for the reunion. All have expressed their disappointment and their continued support for our association. It’s been a great PR exercise with the name Tingira displayed continuously over the two year period, I am sure we have opened some new doors for future days. The JR Reunion sub-committee in the East and

West have done us all proud, thank you lads.
Will there be another JR Reunion in Perth, at Leeuwin Barracks? Well let’s see where that all goes. Here is a question?

VP May 2020

Could Leeuwin Barracks have played a major role in the COVID-19 situation? If upgraded, used and ready for such situations, it was right there for the picking. Early days, perhaps, I should write the Prime Minister and voice a few ideas, perhaps ask the curly questions?

Some big winners on the positive side of the reunion.

Most of those who purchased JR Reunion merchandise will have your post bag by now. We sold many new Tingira Foul Weather Jackets ready for the upcoming winter days. There is some stock left over and the Secretary will have a giant ‘Spring Sale’ on all merchandise before Christmas.

The Tingira book “Our Lifetime Voyage Vol 1 & 2” put together by the last ‘three’ committees has finally made ink on paper, what an effort and brilliant production this is. Bad luck if you didn’t get one, we printed what we sold, that’s the plus on self publishing in the digital era. We will land a few copies with a possible publisher and see if it can get a second run, we hope so but no promises.

National committee are now planning our way forward, our next big move? No Anzac Day, no AGM, no New Committee and no Reunion. Tingira Boys, as President, you have me for another 12 months and I’m good to go! David Rafferty has stepped up into the vacant Treasure’s role, our newest LJR, Graeme Hunter, Victoria, has come on board for the vacant committee position, thanks lads.

Next April we will have the AGM and elections. I know we will be looking for a

new President and possibly a new Secretary. Mark Lee is on the 10 year line of service, that was his commitment. One the down side; our new website crashed in February with the Sydney storms and has taken us a lot longer behind the web to find data and repair. For those who saw the new version, up for just seven days, it was terrific! Let’s see what we can do this side of Christmas. It is not top of agenda at present, the previous version is up and working fine. Downside, we have not been able to collect auto memberships $ renewals; that will go into a complete new programme in the near future.

The committee will bring together a new ‘Strategic Plan’ over the coming months. We will celebrate the Leeuwin birthday on weekend of July 13, commemorate Remembrance Day November 11 and let’s see what we can do on the first week of January 2021 when the Tingira Australia Association turns 10 years of age.

We need a nomination or two for this year’s Stonehaven Medal’, advert on page 11. The Annual Report is now on the website, hard copy to the first 100 merchandise orders.

Great effort to all the members who suited up and presented themselves at dawn in their driveway on Anzac Day. One positive, my driveway service was a lot easier than the 3am service in Sydney and the march down Elizabeth street, next year, bring it on!

Finally I must thank sincerely the Tingira members, former Junior Recruits and Leeuwin staff, who committed to the 2020 JR Reunion. Sad as it is, I know many of us may still go to Perth if flights and border patrol are back to normal, bound to be a smoky or two if we can? Let’s see what the rest of 2020 brings? For me roll on 2021 – sea conditions can only get better!