Golden Moment

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IMG_2357 - Version 2Former Junior Recruit, former Officer Candidate, former Navy Apprentice and former RAN Chief Petty Officer Chris Perrin, was rewarded at the recent Tingira Tribute evening when he was surprisingly presented with the highest Tingira Australia Award, Honorary Life Membership.

NSW MP Charlie Lynn, presented Chris with his gold Tingira lapel pin and Life Membership Certificate. “It was an honour to reward a man in front of his peers, who contributes so much to this Tingira organisation and the many other ex-service organisations he is connected with, truly deserved” said Charlie.

Chris was the inaugural President of the Tingira Australia steering committee from 2011 until the first association AGM helm in April 2013. In that time Chris has been instrumental with his team over the that last two years setting up the Association.

After a successful Junior Recruit reunion in 2010, Chris and a few others JR’s were up for the challenge to keep the boys together long into the future.

His leadership and direction has set the Association towards a positive direction growing the membership to 300 members and setting up a ‘modern’ association that will set new benchmarks in presentation and activities.