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November is upon us and Remembrance Day is only around the corner. As always, there will be much written and said about how this day now represents the thanksgiving for all you have served this great country as members of the Australian Defence Force. We also give thanks for those who, at the time of their service, were allies.

It is a time when we recognise that it is not just those in the front lines who contribute to the efforts in bringing peace and freedom to the various areas of the world where Australians serve. I am sure too that many of you would be more than aware that our service members are also supported by many within the community. These people range from manufacturing, technical and logistical support to our family and friends. Without all of these people, the Australian Defence Force would not have been able to achieve all it has.

Our great country has also benefitted from the volunteer service of so many in our communities. Whether as members of a formal organisation or as a neighbour, there are so many who give of themselves in support of others. For many of us, this philosophy is contained within the second greatest commandment:


There are also some other pieces of Scripture that help us to be the people we should be to be good members of society. For the adventurous, some are; Leviticus 19:18, Matthew 19:19, Romans 13:8, and Romans 13:10. There are many others but I am sure you will get the idea.Following on from a previous article about respect, that great character trait which I believe is found, not just within the ANZAC legend, but also in the fabric of our general society, this ‘love’ we share is a key element in how we should treat others and also be expected to be treated ourselves.

I encourage each of you to continue your service and lead by example, being tolerant, patient and loving of our fellow human beings.

Your Chaplain

Bob Durbin