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Alan Carter, Mark Lee and Wendy Dorn with the handover of the HMAS Tingira nameplate for the Tingira Australian Association to be the future custodian. Not every day you get your ‘hands on’ the relics of an old historical sailing … Continued

VoicePipe September 2019

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At a recent committee meeting the Tingira team were reviewing our five year ‘strategic plan’. Part of the process was for the Secretary to present current status of our assets, apart from the obvious merchandise and the laptop computer we … Continued

2020 JR Reunion Newsletter Vol 2

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Get Your Reunion Tickets Today! reunion.tingira.org.au September 2019 – Two months after the 2020 JR Reunion website launch, we are now counting down the months (11) weeks (45) and days (311) so much has been done and still so much … Continued

Voice Pipe July 2019

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With my ‘Captains Cap’ on I take on board all the ‘social media’ comments on the Reunion pricing recently. However, for those without the facts, GST, compliance laws, insurance, and security have added HUGE costs to running this event compared … Continued

2020 JR Reunion Details and Tickets

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Get Your Reunion Tickets Today! reunion.tingira.org.au “I am a Tingira Boy” and like all former Junior Recruits who are now part of the Tingira Australia Association, proud of it. That said, it is time to get excited gentlemen as an … Continued

Voice Pipe

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“The year in review 2018, this shouldn’t take to long! ANZAC Day, Tingira Day, ANZAC Memorial Centenary dedication, now what else did we do? Secretary, some help please! AUSTRALIA DAY – Rose Bay, Sydney, Tingira Memorial 7am, Tingira committee members … Continued


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Thursday 25 April 2019, ANZAC Day – The Tingira Australia Association will again participate in the annual Anzac Day March across this nations capital city streets. Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will all see the Tingira Boys carry … Continued


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CALL THE HANDS You Hear There – Members, Associates and Friends … The Tingira Australia Association will hold the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 25th April 2019 at approximately 1130 hours at the Primus Hotel, Pitt Street, Sydney, in the … Continued