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AGM Notice

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Tingira Australia Association will take place at the Kingston Hotel, Kingston, Canberra, ACT, on Friday 9 June at 1800 Hours. This is an election year, members wishing to nominate for Executive and Committee positions must be financial for 2017 and be prepared to serve a three year term, approx. two meetings per year in NSW. All costs to and from meetings at the Members own cost. Nominations form signed and items for General Business forward via email, to the Secretary, Mark Lee, by ‘Close of Business’, 5pm Friday 2 June 2017. AGENDA 1. President’s welcome. 2. Approve MINUTES


Tingira Australia Association participated at the recent 75th Coral Sea Commemorations in Canberra and New York, the team was spread oceans apart. “The Canberra weather was unusually kind with sunshine and warmth filling the moment. This occasion was grand on a scale of local commemorations for the Canberra organisers of the Australian American Association. However, the event was playing out across the other side of the Pacific with a worldwide audience in tune for a first time” said Tingira Secretary, Mark Lee. The 75th anniversary of the famous sea battle said to be “the Battle that saved Australia” was in the world media with

75th Coral Sea Commemoration

Tingira Australia Association President, Lance Ker, today accepted the invitation for Tingira Australia Association members to attend the 75th Coral Sea Commemoration in Canberra on Friday 5 May 2017. “With the recent success of many former HMAS Leeuwin Junior Recruits representing at the 2017 ANZAC March in Canberra, we expect a fine showing of our members for this very special event” said Ker. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the famous sea battle said to be “the Battle that saved Australia” and also, historically, the first sea battle fought entirely by aircraft from the opposing sides where the ships did not

ANZAC Day March Details

Tingira Australia Association

The function of the Tingira Australia Association is to keep the ‘Spirit’ of the HMAS Cerberus and HMAS Leeuwin Junior Recruits alive through the re-uniting of class and shipmates as a true social level.

Hon Life membership and general Membership of the Association is open to all personnel who have served on board HMAS Cerberus and HMAS Leeuwin and worn the famous ‘Tingira Flash’. Hon Life membership is also open to Associate members, offered to our friends and family, Tingira descendants, Leeuwin Instructors, Ships Company and Officers of the RAN.

Membership now stands at 600 plus after our first five years. At the 2010 JR reunion over 3,000 boys gathered and we reformed as this association from that event. Our members ages range from over 75 years young, to those stalwart members still serving in the RAN today. Although the majority are dispersed throughout the length and breadth of the Australian countryside, many members are also scattered across international waters.

The membership is kept informed of events, past, present and future by means of our website and our twice yearly magazine ‘Voice Pipe’.

The association also supports the Recruit School at HMAS Cerberus, with a ‘Tingira class’ as part of the new Yarra division. At each Passing Out Parade, the winner of the ‘Tingira Topshot’ award becomes an Honorary Tingira member of the association, and his class mates have the opportunity to join the association ranks of general membership.

Support for all the activities and services of the Association is provided by unpaid volunteers who are elected to the committee for a three year term. We do not have lists of boys names who served in Ships Sobraon, Tingira, Cerberus and Leeuwin; these are held by Dept of Defence. The association are always open to sponsorship and committee fresh ideas through the Secretary.

Lance Ker, President
Tingira Australia Association

Voice Pipe

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