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Email. tsec@tingira.org.au

• All official communication and correspondence for Tingira Australia Association to be sent in writing to the Association Secretary, only via above email

• No other correspondence (social media) in any format will be recognised or answered

• Tingira holds no records of ANY former members of crew for CS Sobraon, STS Sobraon, HMAS Tingira, HMAS Cerberus and HMAS Leeuwin.

• Members information details will not be disclosed to any unofficial persons including other members.

• VoicePipe is published by the Tingira National Committee, for members and friends of Tingira Australia Association

• VoicePipe is not for sale as a printed publication.

• VoicePipe & Tingira Website – Editors – Tingira National Committee

• TINGIRA National Office, Sydney, NSW – Registered with NSW Dept Fair Trading 1-1-11

• Publications and Website – All materials, words, drawings and images remain copyright -Tingira Australia Association Inc. 2020.