Events - 2022

Friday 11th November 2022 - 10.45 am

NATIONAL - Remembrance Day

Tingira Memorial Park - Rose Bay, Sydney

Members, Associates, and friends of the Tingira Australia Association are warmly invited to join in the commemoration of Remembrance Day. Lunch and refreshment at Club Rose Bay, with members of the Rose Bay RSL sub Branch

Event Date Time Location
AUSTRALIA DAY – Dress Ship – Both Memorials 26/1/22 0800 JR Memorial, Fremantle, WA
Tingira Memorial, Rose Bay, NSW
TINGIRA 2022 – Annual General Meeting 19/2/22 1730 TINGIRA AGM - Maritime Museum, Gladstone, QLD.
All members welcome, see media notes for details, nonelection year, motions to SEC one week before the meeting.
JRTS – HMAS Cerberus 1963 – 1965 Book Launch 19/2/22 1830 Maritime Museum
Gladstone, Queensland
ANZAC DAY – Tingira Dawn Service 25/4/22 0530 RSL National Driveway Service - Australia wide
HMAS Moreton - Brisbane
Kings Park - Perth
ANZAC DAY – National Service Parade 25/4/22 0900 National Commemoration
Members Statewide
CORAL SEA – Commemoration – HMAS AUSTRALIA 6/5/22 1045 CANBERRA
USA Memorial, Russell Offices, ACT
TINGIRA DAY – Dress Ship – Both Memorials 13/7/22 0600 - 0600 DRESS SHIP - TINGIRA DAY
Tingira Memorial, Rose Bay, NSW
JR Memorial, Leeuwin Barracks, East Fremantle, WA
TINGIRA DAY – Birthday Party 15/7/22 1800 Friday 15 July 2022
National Birthday celebration
Members & Friends of Tingira - Statewide
TINGIRA STONEHAVEN MEDAL – Presentation 15/7/22 1800 Friday 15 July 2022
Tradewinds Hotel, East Fremantle, WA
NATIONAL REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE 11/11/22 1045am A wreath on behalf of all Sobraon, Tingira, Cerberus, and Leeuwin sailors will be laid at the Tingira Memoria Park, Rose Bay, Sydney, NSW at 11 am and also at the JR Memorial Leeuwin Barracks, East Fremantle, WA
TINGIRA CHRISTMAS CHEER 10/12/22 6.30 pm National Christmas celebration
Members Statewide - Check website for venue and time changes a few days out