The function of the Tingira Australia Association is to keep the second generation of ‘Tingira Boys’ of the HMAS Cerberus and HMAS Leeuwin Junior Recruits ‘Spirits’ alive through the re-uniting of class and shipmates at a social and friendship level. The association is non-political and does not offer welfare services or advice.

Life Membership and General Membership of the Association is open to all personnel who have served onboard HMAS Cerberus and HMAS Leeuwin and worn the famous ‘Tingira Flash’.

‘Associate Life Membership’ and ‘Associate General Membership’ are also open to our friends and family members, Tingira descendants, Leeuwin Instructors, Ships Company, and Officers of the RAN.

Membership now stands at more than 850 and growing as the celebration of our first decade of membership continues. At the 2010 JR reunion over 1,000 boys gathered and we formed this association from that event.

Our member’s ages range from approx. 55 – 80 years young, some of those stalwart members are still serving in the RAN today. Although the majority are dispersed throughout the length and breadth of the Australian countryside, many members are also scattered across international waters. Membership is available directly from the website www.tingira.org.au

The membership is kept informed of events, past, present, and future using our website www.tingira.org.au, and our magazine ‘VOICEpipe’, ANZAC Day and the Tingira birthday, 13 July, the anniversary of the first Leeuwin intake in 1960, are the two most important annual events that we commemorate and celebrate. The Tingira boys will celebrate their Sapphire anniversary with the 2025 JR Reunion to be held in Fremantle from Saturday 8 to Wednesday 12 November 2025.

As an association, we acknowledge and represent the activities and descendants; the Officers and sailors of the English Clipper Ship, Sobraon, which then became the NSW Nautical School Ship, Sobraon, which went on into a third life to be commissioned as HMAS Tingira on 25 April 1912.

The association also supports the RAN Recruit School, HMAS Cerberus, with a ‘Tingira class’ as part of the new Yarra division. At each Passing Out Parade, the ‘Tingira Topshot’ trophy is awarded to the recruit with the best results from rifle range activities.

The Tingira ‘Stonehaven Medal’ is awarded annually to the Tingira Boy or Boys; members who achieve ‘above and beyond community exceptions’ in navy or civilian community duties. This is the highest honour within our association and is based on the original Stonehaven shield presented to HMAS Tingira annually by the Governor-General, Lord Stonehaven in 1925.

Support for all the activities and services of the Association is provided by unpaid volunteers who are elected to the National Tingira Committee for a three-year term. We do not have lists of Tingira Boys’ names who have served in the ships Sobraon, Tingira, Cerberus, and Leeuwin; these are held by the Dept of Defence and can be given by direct request to the department.

The association is always open to sponsorship and fresh ideas from the membership via our committee members or directly to the Secretary via email, thank you.

Long Live Tingira – Mates For Life

Brad Murphy OAM, President
Tingira Australia Association

TINGIRA AUST ASSOC – ABN 72 952 167 649 – Inc Assoc NSW – 1/1/11