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Tingira Australia Association President, Lance Ker, announced today that the Tingira Boys will ‘Dress Ship’ on the Tingira Memorial, Rose Bay, as a mark of respect to the national Australia Day activities next Tuesday.

“At 8am we will have a ‘Ceremonial Colours Ceremony’ with the raising of the 40 Nautical Code flags and pennants hoisted onto the Memorial. The duty Tingira Boys will raise the original HMAS Tingira flag and the Tingira Australia Associations new flag, to fly full mast all day” said President Ker.

A floral wreath will be laid in honour of all past fallen sailors who have served with the Royal Australian Navy on board the training ships – HMAS Tingira, Cerberus and Leeuwin.

A tot of ‘Pusser’s Rum’ will also be part of the morning ceremony with a toast to ‘Queen and Country’ as part of the great naval tradition that the Tingira Boys continue to keep in good faith.

In conjunction with the Returned and Services League 100 year Centenary celebrations, the Tingira Association is continuing to work closely with the Rose Bay and Auburn RSL sub-Branches . Coordinating more joint ceremonial activities and public awareness to the famous Tingira stories of the boy sailors from HMAS Tingira, Cerberus and Leeuwin over the past century.

This year the Tingira Australia Association will commemorate the 104th Birthday of HMAS Tingira on 25 April. The clipper ship served her career mostly at anchor in Rose Bay as the first RAN Training Ship of Australia’s original first naval fleet, preparing many young Australian men to join the naval fleet for battles of WW1.