AGM Notice

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The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Tingira Australia Association will take place at the Kingston Hotel, Kingston, Canberra, ACT, on Friday 9 June at 1800 Hours. This is an election year, members wishing to nominate for Executive and Committee … Continued


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Tingira Australia Association participated at the recent 75th Coral Sea Commemorations in Canberra and New York, the team was spread oceans apart. “The Canberra weather was unusually kind with sunshine and warmth filling the moment. This occasion was grand on … Continued

75th Coral Sea Commemoration

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Tingira Australia Association President, Lance Ker, today accepted the invitation for Tingira Australia Association members to attend the 75th Coral Sea Commemoration in Canberra on Friday 5 May 2017. “With the recent success of many former HMAS Leeuwin Junior Recruits … Continued

Banners High Our ANZAC March

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ANZAC Day 2017 – For many Tingira Boys ‘it’s here we go again’ and for just as many it is a first to march under the famous Tingira Banner, welcome aboard! This iconic day in our Australian history is now … Continued

Media Release – Leeuwin Lion Continues to Raw

Last week Tingira Australia Association President, Lance Ker, made a flying visit to Fremantle attending the first “Leeuwin Vision Plan Forum”. Brief extract from Presidents ‘Report On Proceedings’

I would like to take this opportunity as representing the Tingira Australia Association, reporting on the ‘Leeuwin Vision Forum’ conducted last week by the Dept of Defence and The Town of East Fremantle in Perth, Western Australia. The proposed sale of the former Leeuwin Barracks site (ex HMAS Leeuwin) was the major topic over a four day workshop.

Attended by varying interested parties including Defence, former navy Junior Recruits, Indigenous members, Fremantle and Perth residents, East Fremantle Council Representatives, Political Members and several other interested stakeholders.

TPG (Town Planning Group) the Consulting Company employed by Defence to produce the document this stage of the project and they have in turn employed a variety of architects and designers to assist with this process and provide the workshop forum. It is expected the sale of the site will be over $120 Million.

Voice Pipe August 2016

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Moving Forward… It’s hard to believe five years later from our start up date of 1-1-11 Tingira Australia Association is now 600 members strong and still gathering momentum in other states beside the eastern seaboard. As an association, we must … Continued


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The Canberra Division of the Australian American Association have marked the 74th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea with a commemorative service and wreath-laying ceremony at the Australian-American Memorial in Russell Offices, Canberra. In history’s first great naval … Continued

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