Voice Pipe June 2017

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NATIONAL TINGIRA CELEBRATIONS… The AGM in Canberra last month on a cold Friday night has and come and gone but this one had a bit more ‘beef on the bone’ than the last few AGM’s we have held. We had … Continued

Voice Pipe Issue 8

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“So where are they now? That’s the biggest question I get asked as the Tingira Association Secretary. ” There are so many descendants of the original ‘Tinny Boys’ here in Sydney and I think they all know I’m combining the facts for a possible future book on all things … Continued

Voice Pipe Issue 7

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Congratulation to Greg Read our new President and the Tingira members who were elected and have stepped across the ‘Tingira gangway’ to keep us afloat at our first AGM. First gig … International Fleet Review! Wow another big celebration and … Continued

Voice Pipe Issue 6

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So here we are two years later and the Tingira Australia Association is up and away. Our numbers are not large as yet, drawing from a base of over 10,000 JR’s that passed through the Leeuwin gates between 1960 and … Continued

Voice Pipe Issue 5

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8am 25 April 1912, for the first time HMAS Tingira raises the Royal Australian Navy White Ensign anchored at Rose Bay, Sydney; roll forward 100 years to the day, 8am 25 April 2012, Castlereagh Street, Sydney and 50 HMAS Leeuwin … Continued

Voice Pipe Issue 4

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A wise old ship mate once told me “your a long time dead in this world son”, how I grab onto those words daily as I grow old, but how good is that I am growing old! Enjoy the moments, … Continued

Voice Pipe Issue 3

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As a professional photographer for the past 35 years of my life I have taken thousands of photographs, traveled the world and met many people of great significance, however meeting up with Tingira old boy Dan Bowden for the second … Continued

Voice Pipe Issue 2

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Dixie “I think we are on to something here” said a delighted Vice Admiral Russ Crane into my ear as he departed from the launch of the Tingira Australia Association at the Anzac Memorial in Sydney recently. After processing the … Continued

Voice Pipe Issue 1

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United we stand, united we fall, united we are. . . That was the message from the grand reunion in Perth last July. An occasion of true naval history, it was a who’s who at the JR Dedication Ceremony on … Continued

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