Voice Pipe September 2017

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With a new committee on board, we now set our sails towards a new direction, bring it on I say, full ahead team Tingira Boys! After our first Tingira committee meeting last month in Sydney, I came away and resolved … Continued

Voice Pipe June 2017

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NATIONAL TINGIRA CELEBRATIONS… The AGM in Canberra last month on a cold Friday night has and come and gone but this one had a bit more ‘beef on the bone’ than the last few AGM’s we have held. We had … Continued

Voice Pipe August 2016

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Moving Forward… It’s hard to believe five years later from our start up date of 1-1-11 Tingira Australia Association is now 600 members strong and still gathering momentum in other states beside the eastern seaboard. As an association, we must … Continued

Voice Pipe no. 11

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JR Reunion 2015 – Of all the events I have been involved with over in my past 30 years with associations, this was by far the most rewarding and proudest for me. As a committee, we knew the Tingira Boys … Continued

Voice Pipe 10

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Click here to Download and read your copy of Voice Pipe today It’s been a whirlwind few months at my desk, running the communications department for the RSL NSW and then the Tinny boys to march around the country on … Continued

Voice Pipe Issue 9

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First sorry, it has been a ‘long drink’ between issues, 2014 has been super busy with a few things and will attempt to roll that all into this issue and the Annual Report, due late April. Welcome 2015 it’s sure … Continued

Voice Pipe Issue 8

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“So where are they now? That’s the biggest question I get asked as the Tingira Association Secretary. ” There are so many descendants of the original ‘Tinny Boys’ here in Sydney and I think they all know I’m combining the facts for a possible future book on all things … Continued

Voice Pipe Issue 7

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Congratulation to Greg Read our new President and the Tingira members who were elected and have stepped across the ‘Tingira gangway’ to keep us afloat at our first AGM. First gig … International Fleet Review! Wow another big celebration and … Continued

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