2020 JR Reunion – CANCELED

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Wednesday 18 March 2020, Tingira Australia Association national committee, convened an extraordinary meeting to pass a motion with reference towards ‘conducting or cancel’ the 2020 JR Reunion due to the outbreak of the worldwide COVID-19 virus situation and the possible consequences.

“It is with great regret that I announce that the motion was ‘passed unanimous’ by the committee yesterday, the ’2020 JR Reunion is cancelled’. I feel for our organising committee and the many boys who intended travelling from overseas and interstate for this joyful occasion. One group of boys were about to depart for Perth on ‘little red postie motor bike scooters’ via a trip around the Australian coastline.

The demographic of the 55 – 75 age group within our Tingira group, with possibility of well over a 1,000 persons gathering over the five days of events, puts the Tingira community in the high risk category and way outside the government number recommendations.

The decision was made less complicated as the Navy and Defence base Leeuwin, are now not open to accommodating a large crowd under the circumstances. A new announcement of the 100 person crowd control was presented nationally by the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, on Wednesday just to add more complexity to future large group event situations.

Sail Training Ship Leeuwin has been grounded for all voyages over the next six months. Perth horse racing at Belmont is now only for ghost riders only in the grandstands, our proposed Sunday morning Fremantle Church service at St John’s is put on hold. Optus Stadium, with approximately 1,100 persons in the room on a Monday night in 12 weeks time, not going to happen under all these circumstances and new government regulations , tough times for all concerned”.

Tingira Patron, Vice Admiral Russ Crane (retired) said – “ Managing the spread of COVID –19 and ensuring the health and safety of our population requires our leaders to make difficult but necessary decisions in the interest of our nation. I commend the Tingira Association leadership in stepping up and making this tough and unpalatable decision as early as possible in the interest of our membership. It is of course, extremely disappointing for us all and no doubt it will cause some unhappiness but the circumstances we face over the next few months are very challenging and all of us need to look after each other ”.

Members are asked to watch the website (tingira.org.au) for further updates. A new special dedicated page on the JR Reunion website needs to be designed and built for the REFUND APPLICATION process. This change will take time, possibly 20 odd working days. There will also be another process for the committee to regain large amounts of holding deposits from suppliers over the coming weeks to off set our bottom line of fixed costs and then commence refunds as we cancel the event at this late stage.