2020 JR REUNION Refund Rollout Ready To Go

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Tingira Australia President, Lance Ker, has given the green light for the 2020 JR Reunion refunds to commence after several large deposits were returned to the Association last week.

“We have a large portion of the deposit cash back in the can; the budget boys have juggled the $ figs and we will all lose 19 cents in the dollar. I’m very happy with that outcome, last week the equation was about 80 cents and looking very grim’ said a much relieved Lance Ker from his Queensland Bundaberg pad on Sunday evening.

2020 JR Reunion participants seeking refunds to the event programs are required to ‘LOG IN’ to the 2020 JR Reunion website and then hit the big yellow refund button. Your BSB and Bank account number are required, insert these details, a new calculated fig is given along with a question for a donation if you wish. Hit submit and the treasury lads will endeavour to have the refund in your account within 14 days.

Many Tingira Boys have already DONATED their ticket price back to the association and that is most welcome and appreciated. The site will cease on July 1st. All unclaimed moneys after this date will go to the Tingira Australia Association; the special dedicated 2020 JR Reunion website will be closed down and the
system made void.

2020 JR Reunion merchandise has now been delivered last week nationally. Some parcels will be slow to regional and interstate areas due to air traffic and cargo restrictions, so far many good positive comments on social media in the first 48 hours.

There are a few extra reunion merchandise items left over and already the wires are a buzz with how do I get such items. Send your request by email to the Tingira Secretary, Mark Lee (tingirasec@gmail.com) and he will accommodate a ‘one on one’ special purchase for you however they are very limited especially the two volume book set, ‘A Life Long Voyage’.

Thank you to all former RAN Junior Recruits, former HMAS Leeuwin staff and Tingira Australia Association members for your support and patience through this very tough period with the cancellation of what was going to be our biggest ever event.