Voice Pipe no. 11

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JR Reunion 2015 – Of all the events I have been involved with over in my past 30 years with associations, this was by far the most rewarding and proudest for me.

As a committee, we knew the Tingira Boys in Perth set a high bar with the 2010 effort, ours was more challenging with numbers and very high costings in the worlds most expensive city! I write this column on a train from San Francisco and I know how expensive Australia has become, it’s ridiculous!

Tingira Patron Vice Admiral, Russ Crane, has provided a great ‘wrap report’ – we owe Russ and his wife Michelle a big thank you for their continued support of our association as the strong bonds with many JR’s that are now amongst us, all with the leadership from Russ.

President, Lance Ker and his wife Annie, have also been great support over the past year. Weeks before our reunion, they also hosted a successful reunion of the HMAS Hobart Association on the NSW South Coast, reports were brilliant effort by all!

Moving forward – Well all those who attended certainly want reunions to continue, where and when, I think the ‘sea-cat’ is still out at this stage till our first 2016 committee meeting.

This is the third Voice Pipe for the year and is a grand wrap issue for all things JR Reunion. Watch the website for all future events, big one in April for Tingira Banner and Flag to parade at all capital city ANZAC Day march’s is the plan.

A new event is also on our calendar in Sydney – Australia Day January 26th 2016 – We plan to ‘Dress Ship’ at Tingira Memorial, Rose Bay, with a sunrise breakfast BBQ on the harbour foreshore and ‘Colours’ at 8am on the Tingira memorial! Be there if you are in town!

JR Memorial – As we go to ‘PRESS’ this week news has just landed that the JR memorial has ben saved from the developers, great work to Ken Dobbie and his team to pull this off, update stories as we hit deadline.

There is so many people to thank for the work behind the scene over the past 24 months, but the people who support this organisation are our lifeline. How to help? Purchase a polo shirt and make a donation, that’s what keeps us moving forward with the ship Tingira on course!

Seasons greetings to all.