Voice Pipe – Five years on… Midships Sir

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It has been a rather quick sequence of events since our initial conversation with Russ Crane at the 2010 JR Reunion to ‘Keep the boys together’.

This year on January 1st Tingira Australia Association celebrated its 5th year of existence. No birthday cake or fanfare, on with the Tingira business. JR Reunion 2015, the Stonehaven Medal, statewide ANZAC Day march’s are certainly standout highlights of our achievements to date in this first five year window along with our merchandise and website that keeps us ticking over.

Our first committee meeting for 2017 last week, set the plans and shared need to make more long term goals as we set the sails.

2017 is an election year for Tingira; we are taking the AGM on the road to Canberra on the June long weekend. Backing onto the 46th intake reunion and working with a new group of Canberra boys that have been dormant in the concrete bunkers on Russell Hill for the past decades, its sure to be a big sojourn to the nation ions capital.

I have promised the team to stay on as Secretary unless someone wants to come forward, all positions will be declared vacant for the next three year term, newcomers most welcome!

ANZAC Day is now a real national focus for us as an association with the Canberra Boys parading the Tingira banner for a first this year. Tasmania and Northern Territory still on our radar!
While many talk of the next BIG JR Reunion, we are very aware as an association that it should be back on the West coast where we all started this great venture of a lifetime, We just need a good solid reason to mark such a reunion occasion, work in progress!

The pending sale of Leeuwin Barracks at East Fremantle, will become the major focus on where we take those next directions of the reunion process in the near future. Latest update is the ‘Tender’ will be released in first quarter of 2017.

Whilst the City of East Fremantle has an interesting glossy ‘Vision Plan Document’ in the public forum, the person or group that actually part with the hard earned cash to purchase Leeuwin, will have the ultimate say of what they want to do with their new property purchase.

With our first five years down I bring a unique story to the VoicePipe pages from the Australian National Maritime Museum. They have a team that are tracking down the last days of Tingira, read and enjoy, standby is the best we can say at this stage for all things Tingira!

Tingira Secretary Editor – Voice Pipe