Voice Pipe September 2017

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With a new committee on board, we now set our sails towards a new direction, bring it on I say, full ahead team Tingira Boys!

After our first Tingira committee meeting last month in Sydney, I came away and resolved to myself “we are going to leave our mark on history over this next term, how good is this? That’s what a good working committee can do, achieve something bloody positive, I’m over social media and the negative world portrayed by today’s mainstream media!”.

Our team have taken up the challenge, from the May 2017 Annual General Meeting in Canberra with four major goals set to achieve: 1. Propose a new RAN ship to be named Tingira 2. Find the original Stonehaven Challenge Shield 3. Progress towards another JR Reunion in Fremantle at the close or opening of the new Leeuwin project 4. Celebrate one day in the year as our official birthday, July 13 as ‘Tingira Day’.

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