Voice Pipe June 2018

It’s been an flying start to the year, fast moving as always, my rudder in one of two directions, my engines on full ahead as usual, hands to Anzac Stations, it’s April going on July as I write.

First note is the unfortunate news that we as an association, were not successful in receiving the grant for the ‘full amount’ as requested for the renovation of Tingira Memorial this year. The workload and presentation from our Secretary, Mark Lee, was magnificent as always. A big thank you to our Tingira Patron, Russ Crane, and John Perryman of RAN Navy Seapower, who both gave supporting documents and time to assist in the presentations by Mark. The Tingira Memorial project is ‘on hold’ at present and still very much alive on the Tingira drawing board, watch this space.

My big trip to Perth last month was a whirlwind few days. Had my boots inside the gates of the ‘Leeuwin Barracks’, ah the memories, all good! Meet with our new committeeman in the West, Jeff Wake, and he introduced me to the powers to be that now control Leeuwin Barracks, interesting times ahead.

We are certainly ‘lining up the stars’ for a possible big 60th anniversary reunion in July of 2020 at Leeuwin Barracks, it will most certainly be the last time we get a chance to be inside Leeuwin in her present format as we knew it from or JR days. At this stage of the reunion plans, I can only say there are still a ‘few big boxes to tick’ before we make any major official announcements of the 2020 JR Reunion; watch this space, you will be the first to know about it! Commemorations are a wonderful part of our life when your days in the ADF are done and dusted, I cherish the occasions.

Anzac Day, Fremantle – My morning commenced with a dawn service at Leeuwin Barracks, with over 500 locals in attendance from the Fremantle district, we could be onto something here! To the city, it was then a real privilege to lead the Tingira Boys in Perth for the Anzac Day march down St George Terrace. Later on my host, WA LJR, Paul Kalajzich, introduced the lads to our support sponsor, ‘Pussers Rum’ with all participants passing the intro course with ease, what a great day of memories and spinning yarns and dits it was.

Meet ‘Jack the Sailor’ (front page) what a great project for port of Fremantle. All reports from LJR’s around the states, our numbers for Tingira Boys marching on Anzac Day were good as was the weather nationwide on all accounts for once.

A big thank you to our Vice President, Steve Beal, who at his own expense, flew to Sydney and led the Sydney Tingira Boys down Elizabeth Street, whilst I was out West. Steve also went on to conduct a successful 2018 AGM and meet up with a few of the Sydney lads, BZ that JR!

The North Queensland boys have now put up their hand for a Tingira flag and banner to form as a new Tingira division. Welcome to Rod Howard the LJR at the helm up there; they will march in Cairns next year with the Tingira flag and banner, bring it on lads!

The 2017 Annual Report is now on the website for downloading by members, job well done Sec, buy more caps and shirts I hear him say from the woods of Beecroft! Great to get a postcard from my son Brandon recently on board HMAS ANZAC, who was promoted to Able Seaman recently. Navy runs deep in our KER blood, editor now wants the full family story, maybe!

Next event ‘TINGIRA DAY’ – Friday July 13th, the day of our first Junior Recruit intake at HMAS Leeuwin. This is now our official birthday and the plan is to again have a party in every capital city that night and join us nationally by phone on Facetime and sing happy birthday. Looking forward to a good turnout of Sydney Boys at the Sunset Service on Tingira memorial before we adjourn for the Pussers Rum all round, sounds good already!