Voice Pipe December 2018

I have had some pleasurable and memorable moments since becoming President of the Tingira Australia Association back in 2014, none were more emotional and honourable than the recent presentation of the 2017 Stonehaven Medal awarded to Philip Lancaster and Dave Cassidy on the flybridge of the former RAN WW1 frigate, HMAS Diamantina at the Queensland Maritime Museum in July this year.

The occasion was private, as the lads had to line up the ropes with one member from Perth and the other from Brisbane, they wanted their good ship mate, Mick Sharp and his wife Judi to be present at such an occasion.

This is not just a feel good story, but because of the donation these lads from the 81st put together their shipmate is still alive today and back to natural good health, I was most honoured to hand over the Stonehaven Medals to the lads, they were very deserving of this prestigious award for their deeds. (Full storyline P. 12 -15).

Moving onwards we had a full committee meeting in November with some major announcements due in January on Australia Day as to where the association will head for the last two years of my term at the helm, it’s all good, I am smiling!

The committee and the statewide LJR’s have been hard working and great assets to the association behind the scene with the Anzac Day parades now in all but Tasmania and Darwin, working on that! The annual Tingira Birthday roll out on July 13 has been a good ‘line in the sand’ for us to date. Membership is still on the rise and our funds are still afloat with the polo shirts and ties as top sellers and looking good in many of our members photographs!

And then there is Christmas, nearly let that one go through to the keeper! It’s here, the year has gone and what a busy year it was. Can only thank my team for their drive and endeavour to deliver, our members and sponsors of our association for your continued support as always, with them we are not here.

The next two years is going to become very significant in our history as we continue to grow in our numbers and watch the final days of Leeuwin Barracks slip into the sunset out west, ‘Lest We Forget’ will have another meaning for many of us young Leeuwin Tingira sailors when that day comes.

Have a safe, happy festive season, see you at the AGM in Sydney on Anzac Day 2019 where I will march next year. My ‘Tingira Party’ location in July will be North Queensland for a change, well done to Rod Howard and the team up North with our newest Tingira group ready to march under the Tingira banner for a first time in 2019.