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“The year in review 2018, this shouldn’t take to long! ANZAC Day, Tingira Day, ANZAC Memorial Centenary dedication, now what else did we do? Secretary, some help please!

AUSTRALIA DAY – Rose Bay, Sydney, Tingira Memorial 7am, Tingira committee members break out the flag deck locker and complete the full ‘dress ship’ for a short ceremony at 8am, raising a new Tingira flag to fly for the following 12 months. Many of the local community members having morning beachside BBQ’s join in. This year one old chap came up introduced himself, former XO HMAS Leeuwin 1968, and XO HMAS Melbourne in his day, loved our work and the great tradition of dress ship for ‘happy times’.

ANNUAL REPORT – Well that doesn’t just fall of the back of a truck. Treasurer Chris Parr and Secretary Mark Lee spend many hours with our accountant Artin Etmekdjian, stocktake our merchandise, crunching the income and expenditure numbers on the keyboards, balancing against the bank statements then combining into the graphic design of the 16 page Annual Report document. Patron Russ Crane emails his 750 words in between fishing deployments. We also print at Sydney ASAP printers, 100 hard copies of the report. One copy is delivered with every merchandise order – we believe it’s good PR for new members and second time merchant customers! NSW Fair Trading forms are completed and submitted to the authority, lastly the Annual Report PDF is formatted and sent to Arizonia for uploading to our website after it is presented at the Annual General Meeting. That’s all done by the committee team over the Christmas break, every year.

STONEHAVEN MEDAL – Tingira Vice President, Stephen Beal gives us the heads up, joint winners for the second Stonehaven Medal that we intend to present on ANZAC Day. A few phone calls between Perth and Brisbane and an amazing circumstance arises. Winner, Phillip Lancaster from Perth and winner David Cassidy from Brisbane are reunited with their former JR shipmate Mick Sharp, who they assisted to raise funds for his successful brain surgery several years ago. I drove from Coral oast, Queensland, Secretary Mark Lee flew from Sydney, Phillip Lancaster caught the late night red eye from Perth. The Secretary had us all assembled on the flybridge of the former HMAS Diamantina at the Brisbane Maritime Museum for the presentation with local families present. It was the highlight of my days as Tingira President so far, just brilliant there were tears all round! BZ Team Tingira!

ANZAC DAY PLANNING – The Secretary goes into overdrive here with LJR’s set upon in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth to march our banner and fly our flag on this most commemorated veterans national day. It’s also the birthday the original HMAS Tingira when she was commissioned on 25 April 1912.