Voice Pipe July 2019

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With my ‘Captains Cap’ on I take on board all the ‘social media’ comments on the Reunion pricing recently. However, for those without the facts, GST, compliance laws, insurance, and security have added HUGE costs to running this event compared to past reunions. We just love regulations, however as an incorporated association, we too have to play by the corporation rules and the WA OHW laws, which differ in a few instances just to make things less simple.

A footnote to end on the REUNION pricing discussion; prices advertised are our absolute minimum $ we can charge. They are offered as EARLY BIRD prices, our costs will increase after October for those who wish to purchase after Monday 30 September. We put this Reunion on notice last January, 18 months to the event, our website had a meltdown of over 3,000 hits on within the first hour! For those who live under rocks and live by social media; rent, tobacco, beer, clothing, real estate, food and petrol prices have also risen since our last reunion in 2010, rest our case. I’m looking for a new Treasurer, to crunch some future numbers, see last paragraph, happy to see someone step up to this one.

On a brighter note lads, off with my ‘Captains Cap’, all I can say is ‘set your sails for compass point Leeuwin next July’. It’s going to be the last time we get back in the Leeuwin gates as an ex naval group in this situation. The ‘Leeuwin Naval Salute’ with all JR’s in one big march past, with our Tingira flag and navy ensign flying from the Leeuwin mast and family looking on, what a sight and what a way to go out, this is our last chance to salute!

And for those of you who ventured to Sydney for the 2015 JR Reunion, the day at sea on the James Craig was fantastic under sail. STS Leeuwin on the Saturday or Sunday will be a day not to be missed as JR’s go off to sea again under sail. Tickets to this event are very limited and selling like limited rum ration!

The 60th Diamond Jubilee Reunion dinner will be another reunion highlight at Optus Stadium. If you have not had the chance to see or hear our Miss Tingira ‘Amber Lawrence’, she is a great asset from our Associate membership ranks. Along with all the support services we will enjoy with the blessing from Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan, the five day reunion period is all set to be a a good time for all.

All the information on the 2020 JR Reunion, the No 1 Newsletter document on the opposite page, which is on the Tingira website, has the answers to most questions with ref to the reunion.

On a sad note from my desk. Our Vice President, Stephen Beal, from South Australia, recently resigned due to ongoing family commitments. Stephen’s energy and input over the past six years has been very welcomed and he will be missed by the committee, thank you Stephen.

Our Treasurer Chris Parr, has stepped into his position of Vice President, Secretary Mark Lee will combine the Treasurer role immediately. If someone would like to come on board as Treasurer (there are qualifications required) before the election period in first half of 2020, please contact Secretary, will be happy to discuss!